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Stayed in that thing for three straight days

My kids love to build forts with a sheet, clips and a fan, but they get so frustrated when it comes undone so easily.  I ordered an Air Fort from a random Facebook ad in November, and I thought it would be a neat Christmas gift.  It wasn’t just a cool gift, it was THE gift that they were most excited about.  They stayed in that thing for three days straight.  I have a 9, 10 and 11 year old, and they all fit comfortably.  It never comes undone and is made of quality products because my kids are the ultimate test!  Now everyone who comes over to play wants an Air Fort.  Best gift ever!

Angelle L.

So easy to set up that my 5 year old is able to do it

What I like about the AirFort is the amount of creativity it creates with my children. They have spent countless hours using it as a base when hunting dinosaurs, a tent that houses their lantern and sleeping bags, and so on. It can be many different things depending on what they are playing. It is so easy to set up that my 5 year old is able to do it. I am so happy with this product and recommend for a variety of ages (my children are 2 and 5 and both enjoy it).


SO simple to fold up and store

I love so much about our AirFort!

It’s a close race between these two points for favorite though…which basically could be combined to say “There’s no rigid pieces!”

⭐️  compact-able size!  The kids have had a few fort options (a teepee, a pop up tunnel, blanket forts), but they end up with rigid support pieces that make storage difficult.  This truly is SO simple to fold up and store.  The bag isn’t like some storage bags that are barely big enough, and then the item never fully gets stored… it fits beautifully, is small, easy to stash, and much lighter than I thought it’d be!

⭐️  my kids are 7, 4, and 2.  Two are boys and my girl is a bull-in-a-china-shop!  The fact that she can walk “through” the walls and doesn’t actually destroy anything, AND it just reinflates itself (which was the big selling point for me)!  If it’s having a touch of trouble refilling, I just tug the center top straight up and “poof” it’s back!  Any fort with rigid anything would have collapsed and required restructuring, etc!

This was their “Santa” gift this Christmas…and it’s been amazing!  We ALL LOVE it!!!

As soon as I saw the post on Instagram advertising the new tent…I knew we’d be needing that one!  Maybe to have at Nanas house (since her whole house gets torn apart to build blanket forts every visit!)

Thank you for such an amazing product! 

Megs A.

An exciting place & space for kids to play

I love that it provides an exciting place & space for kids to play. I loved making forts as a child! I bought the AirFort for my 2 year old Nephew for Christmas. He loves it so much and is always playing in it! My 9 year old sets it up as soon as we go visit him!

Janet C.

Family of 5 and we all fit in it comfortably!

What we love about the AirFort the most is THE SPACE! We are a family of 5 and we all fit in it comfortably! Forts are fun for all ages, this is our family’s favorite!

Sophia D.

Hang out all day and have even “camped out”

We love our air fort! The girls wake up every weekend and turn on the fan. They bring all their belongings and hang out all day and have even “camped out” bc it’s so fun. Thank you Air Fort! If only we could have had this as kids. 

Juliet L.

Hours of fun!!

Santa brought us our airfort and we love it!! It feels a little like the primary colored parachute you play with in gym during elementary school! It sets up and puts away and seconds but gives you hours of fun!! It’s big enough we can fit the whole family in there. We’re looking forward to the summer time when we can play with it in the grass and keep cool!


Perfect space for them to do crafting

My daughters (aged 11 and 7) can’t get enough of the airfort! It is the perfect space for them to do crafting, play board games, and read together while keeping our 2 dogs out of their area. Also, it’s so simple to put up they can do it themselves. For two girls who can struggle to get along that’s really saying something! It’s big enough that my husband and I can fit in there with them and all hang out together. I’ve been recommending the airfort to all of my friends with kids, we absolutely love it!

Tara H.

Has played with it every single day

My daughter LOVES her AirFort!!!! We are over a month past Christmas and she has played with it every single day. She is 8 so I was worried about their being enough room – there is MORE than enough room! She likes to take pillows, blankets, tablets and toys in there! Her younger cousins can go in with her as well since the section that leads to the fan is blocked by mesh. This was a very well thought out product! Thank you so much!!!

Jaime W.

My 3 year old is very excited that she can attach it to the fan  and set it up all by herself

I have to admit, when I first told my husband that I found this really cool fort toy to get for our 3 kids for Christmas, he was very skeptical that it would get used, or that it would be another thing to toss in the closet never to be seen again after Christmas. However, when the kids came out on Christmas and saw it all set up, they immediately fell in love. It has been a huge hit ever since, with my husband eventually admitting I was right about this purchase. We love our airfort. It’s set up almost daily, with my 3 year old very excited that she can attach it to the fan  and set it up all by herself. All 3 kids (ages 7, 3, and 2) have found themselves having so much fun with it and they love that my husband and I can both fit in there with them. We’ve played board games inside, and read books, played imaginary games, and just hang out and have picnics inside. It’s a huge hit when friends come over and I’ve had so many requests of friends asking to borrow it. The best thing is set up takes seconds, clean up is even quicker and easy to store away in the bag that it came with. Although with daily usage it’s not put away for long! We love our airfort!

Christina M.

SO easy as a parent

We love the AirFort because it’s easy to make, it won’t break, and it’s great! The kids have had days of creative fun and play and it’s just SO easy as a parent. It also feels so nice with the fan inside! 

Janae P.

Easy and anywhere! 

Easy and anywhere!  We love how easily she can have her “tent” anywhere. All I did was set out the box fan, “My tent!”, she hollered.  This particular day she was teaching school. All of her animals were learning about sharing and fruit. Lol.

Heather M.

Best gift we’ve purchased

We bought ours as a Christmas gift for our kids. They are 6 and 9 and absolutely LOVE their fort! It’s so easy to set up and take down… I’ve even thrown ours in the washer (on gentle cycle, of course 😉). They like to put all of their fun stuff in the tent, including their disco light. By far one of the best gifts we’ve purchased and looking forward to purchasing one for my nephews!

Veronica R.

My husband & I can easily fit inside of it to play with the kids

We LOVE our AirFort! The kids play in it constantly both inside & outside! At first I was worried that it may be too windy inside of it, but it’s absolutely not! It’s tall enough that my husband & I can easily fit inside of it to play with the kids & it couldn’t be any easier to fold up in its own bag & store! I can’t recommend it enough! 

Sonya T.

Still room for our 50 lb. dog to come in and enjoy!

What I like best about the AirFort is how quick and easy it is to get it fully inflated and ready to enjoy and then just as quick to deflate it and put it away.  I also appreciate how roomy it is in the tent, as I can go in it with my two boys (aged 10 & 14) and there’s still room for our 50 lb. dog to come in and enjoy with us!!


Customers can't get enough!

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We purchased this for my son for 9th birthday. The four people in our family and our dog fit in there with room to spare. It is such a great fort and packs up so small. I was worried about the coldness due to the fan, but it is not a problem at all. We threw a couple blankets in there when feeling chilly and it was perfect.

Michelle S.

Awesome fort! Much bigger than I expected. Stays perfectly inflated with a cheap box fan.

Kris R.

My son loves this! Its his lil hiding spot lol. Easy to put it up and take it down. Its large can fit 3 adults in it easy.

Allen T.

easy to assemble, just attach a box fan. i tried a circular fan, but it did not work quite as well as a box fan.

tent inflates right away and has plenty of room for 2-4 kids inside. my two take blankets, pillows and books in and enjoy for several hours at a time. the fan also keeps good air circulating to keep them cool.

enter and exit by lifting side and rolling under side. tent momentarily slightly deflates, but comes back as soon as side lowered back down.

did i mention the kids love it….

S. Lewis

This is one of those items where we say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” This fort is perfect for children of all ages. It is durable, easy to put up and easy to store. My 4-year-old got this for his birthday. My 4-year-old and 8-year old love building forts. However, we never have any chairs to sit on, blankets on the beds or pillows on the couch because they use them all to build it! With this fort, it is simply one piece that meets all those needs. It is easy for kids to get it and out of and spacious for multiple kids at once. My 4-year-old can even set it up and blow it up on his own. No longer do we spend hours building it, we can spend hours just enjoying it! If you’re on the fence about buying it, jump on down on the side of clicking ‘buy now’. You won’t regret it!

Ashleigh B.

I dont have a picture, but our kids and our nieces and nephews LOVE the air fort! It is so easy to set up that our 5 year old does it by herself. Oftentimes we’ll find a fort in the livingroom or her bedroom and he’ll be inside with her blanket, pillows, and her ipad. It’s also very roomy inside she has had my husband & I join her many times. It’s also not uncommon to find her and several cousins in there for a sleepover watching movies and having a great time. Great for indoors and out (we run an extension cord). Highly recommend!

April B.

So easy to set up my son loves this thing and it’s so much easier to clean up than the dozens of pillows and blankets he typically uses when he would build his “reading fortresses” he still pulls out blankets and pillows but now it’s just to go inside the fort to get comfy. I was worried that it would get too cold being attached to a box fan the way it is but you really don’t feel it the mesh lining that separates the fort from the fan really helps out a lot, and having no floor to this design helps me to be able to get in and out of it easy so I can play with him too without having to crawl through some small entry that’s designed for little kids. This is an amazing design and I’m so glad I found it for him for Christmas.


I did this with a bed sheet when I was a kid. Only complaint I have is I wish I thought of it. My girls love it so much. Wish it came with a fan.


I set this up in minutes and the kids love it. I can’t get them out of it! This is great because my kids love making forts and I hate picking up and folding all the blankets and putting away the furniture afterwards. This is quick and easy clean up. We have a pretty small living room and this fits fine. I have a 10yo, 6yo and 2yo and they are all 3 enjoying it. The construction is sturdy and well made. I bought it was pricey at first but it’s fefin worth the cost because the fabric seems really strong and durable which is important when you’ve got a bunch of little monsters that are determined to destroy everything. You’re gonna love this.

Jessica F.

I bought this for my son for Christmas, hoping it would help on these short cold days where we can’t get the kids outside to play as much. After a quick (maybe 10 minute?) initial set-up, this thing kept my children entertained for HOURS. They even slept in it. We’ve spent the last few winters trying to assemble forts the old fashioned way (blankets, furniture, etc.) and this was SO much better. Less disruptive, less mess to clean up, and my children loved having their own space to disappear into. Arguably the best gift I gave this Christmas. Definitely recommend!

Shelly S.

I bought this for my six grandchildren and they love it! From the three year old twins, with their trucks and stuffed animals, to the eleven year old, with his pillow and iPad, it gets used for hours.
The tent is a great size. Large enough for the little ones to do “laps” and chase each other, and for adults to sit comfortably inside.
It’s durable, stores in a small pouch, and very easy to set up and take down (the kids can do it). I like that the fan is not accessible from inside the tent. I do brace the fan, with a table or chair leg, because it could get knocked over if the tent gets pulled on. Has only happened twice in hours of use.

Janine P.

The kids LOVED this!! My nephews came down for a stay-cation and I wanted something to entertain them that wouldn’t break the bank. They were obsessed with this!!! They slept in it every night. We set up blankets, pillows, and a portable DVD player for movie night! Easy to use, just need a boxed fan! Setup includes ability to plug in fan, and enjoy hours of bliss as your child is entertained!