The-First-Digi-AirFort Camden

The First Digi Camo AirFort

‘When my dad (Ed Hanley) and I first began creating the AirFort, we would spend the mornings working on developing our product and the rest of my day was spent helping care for Camden Hall, who at the time was undergoing treatment at Rady Children’s Hospital for Ewings Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. The first few days of meeting Camden were rough… You could see in his eyes the pain and hurt and there wasn’t much that could cheer him up. I decided to bring over one of our very first AirFort prototypes, our Digital Camouflage, and immediately Camden sparked up and was ready to get inside and play!


We would spend hours watching movies, building legos, and Camden would even have sleepovers inside with his sister and cousins on the weekends. It became his happy place in such a dark time! To this day our Digital Camouflage is nicknamed ‘Camden Camo’ after Camden. And the best news of all, Camden is now 5 years cancer free!!’

– Luci Hanley


5 Years Cancer Free!

High Five! Five years cancer free and Camden is finally able to be a kid again. Our wish by sharing Camden’s success story, is to help other kids, battling cancer, by showing them there is hope. With your help, kids just like Camden can gain back a sense of a normal childhood.

You Can Help The Cause by Purchasing an AirFort!

We believe in a world where every kid has the chance to enjoy the wonders of being a kid. Throughout the whole month of May, AirFort is teaming up with Rady Children’s Hospital. From May 1st – May 31st, we will be donating 20% of all sales to help support the treatment of pediatric cancer. Join us today in helping make an impact in the lives of children fighting against pediatric cancers – all through the power of your purchase.

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