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About Us

Luciana & Ed Hanley

(Father/Daughter Team + AirFort Co-Founders)

What is it...?

The AirFort is the most extraordinary new kids fort that inflates in seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan!

Who are the founders...?

A husband of 31 years and father of three beautiful daughters, Ed spent many years in retail and manufacturing. When he combined his skills with the incredible entrepreneurial spirit and drive of his middle daughter Luciana, things really started to happen with the AirFort.

Luciana is a recent graduate of the University of San Diego and is a born entrepreneur. Along with her degree in Communications, she holds additional self-acquired degrees in high energy and creativity.

Story behind the AirFort... (told by Luciana)

When my dad was in sixth grade he got in big trouble for peeing in the neighbors pool. As his punishment he was put on restriction and that is when he built his very first AirFort! He used a sheet and weighted the perimeter with shoes and used safety pins to attach the sheet to a fan.

When my dad and mom had my three sisters and me we were constantly tearing apart the living room to build messy furniture forts! Guess who always had to clean up the mess? Mom or dad!

One day my dad decided to pull out my moms old sewing machine and make us girls our very first AirFort! We freaked out over it! And so did the entire neighborhood. It was the highlight of every play date and slumber party!

From the time I was a little girl being an entrepreneur was in me. Anything I could make or get my hands on, I was out there selling! In 2015, after graduating from the University of San Diego I sat my dad down about bringing the AirFort to market together. It didn't take much convincing! Here we are today, a father/daughter team and the co-founders of the AirFort!


*AirFort is patent pending