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About Us

Luciana & Ed Hanley

(father/daughter team + AIR FORT co-founders)

What is it...?

The AIR FORT is the most extraordinary new kids fort that inflates with an ordinary household fan in less than 30 seconds! Whoa!

Who are the founders...?

A husband of 31 years and father of three beautiful daughters, Ed spent many years in retail and manufacturing. When he combined his skills with the incredible entrepreneurial spirit and drive of his middle daughter Luciana, things really started to happen with the AIR FORT.

Luciana is a recent graduate of the University of San Diego and is a born entrepreneur. Along with her degree in Communications, she holds additional self-acquired degrees in high energy and creativity.

The two of them did not sit idle on their idea though, and 19 months later they find themselves delivering!

Story behind the AIR FORT...

Luciana and Ed have never met a single person who has not built a "Furniture Fort", have you? The kids that Luciana babysat were no exception either. That was the catalyst at a dinner-time conversation with her dad which started the idea of the AIR FORT. They dusted off mom's sewing machine and hit the local fabric store and not long after that, they had an AIR FORT that really performed! wasn't quite that easy. There was a lot of other stuff they had to do along the way, but here they are, thrilled to be bringing AIR FORTS to as many kids as possible!

*AIR FORT is patent pending